About The Bros


About June:
Hello, my internet name is June and I am a 15 year old teenager who wants to follow Christ. My favorite type of music is rock (like Skillet Disciple and Switchfoot). I love building Lego sets and playing the guitar. I will drink anything with caffeine in it. I enjoy watching Star Wars and the TV show Sherlock.

About Joze:
Howdy, my internet name is Joze, I am a 14 year old teenager, who wants to follow Christ, and June's my brother. My favorite hobbies include making LEGO's, comics, and playing the piano. I enjoy watching movies like the The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the BBC TV show Sherlock.

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  1. Hi Joze and June!!! Just being a friendly writer.I love the comics, especially the firework one.Can't wait to see more of your comics!