Meet Our People

Name: Mr. Spoons
Height: 6 ft
Favorite book: Sherlock Holmes
Favorite show: Jeopardy
Favorite colors: Blue and Green
Past Job: In Mr. Spoons' early years he worked as a Professor at Yell university, until after a few months he was thrown out by the authorities
Best saying: Never eat without a spoon
Relatives: Mr. Spoons grew up in a family of four: Dad, Mom,and one  Brother. He only has one cousin, Weirdo Wasko who he always has to keep an eye out for.

      Name:Weirdo Wasko    
Height:5 ft
Favorite book:  None. Weirdo never learned how to read
Favorite show:Loony Toons
Favorite colors: Red and Black
Past job: Paperboy
Weirdo loves to go on adventures and is known to be an "accidental" trouble- maker. He is also known to "go with the flow."
Relatives: Cousin Mr.Spoons, and more family who are ......................... some where.

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